November 29, 2020

Started writing Sublo season 3


I've been blocking out some character arcs for season 3 of Sublo and Tangy Mustard today! I was thinking this could be a shorter batch, but I have a bunch of ideas. Hmm...

I didn't have a ton of 'wacky plot' concepts but the more I dig into what's going on with the characters, the more story potential reveals itself. The tricky part has always been keeping at least one foot in Subpar/mascot gimmick land while I'm tempted to focus on how the characters' lives are developing outside of Subpar. I try to balance those elements so it doesn't get too angsty and self-indulgent.

(The stuff sticking out of the sketchbook is ripped post-its to mark ideas I liked.)

November 12, 2020

Sketchbook Drawings

 Some lazy doodles from the last little while

November 09, 2020

"The Animation That Changed Me" Article

I was recently invited to write an entry in Cartoon Brew's series "The Animation That Changed Me" and I selected one of my favourite movies, Masaaki Yuasa's Mind Game. I don't think anyone will be surprised by my pick, since I've talked about Yuasa often and the visual influence is obvious in my work, but it was really fun to pay tribute to this film.