May 12, 2010

Wish me luck...

My new Fester Fish cartoon should be uploaded within the next week. I'm submitting it to the Drop Your Shorts Festival at the Revue Cinema this evening, but it's not really ready yet. I've still got a couple of minor shots left that I forgot to draw, some scenes still don't have sound effects, and worst of all, I still have to export the scenes from Flash and put them on a DVD. No telling how long that will take... It's gonna be a stressful day. Luckily my boss is letting me leave work early so I can get as much done on it as possible.

I'm pretty tired right now. I only got four hours of sleep last night, cause I was (unsuccessfully) scrambling to get it done for today.


Chris Signore said...

Wow...the important thing to remember, mate, is not to rush it. So long as it's done calmly and to time then all the better.

Oh, and good luck, too! :)

Bruce Walker said...

We know you can do it. You've got The Right Stuff. :-)

Good luck Aaron!

(Guess Louise & I better set aside time for that Drop Yer Shorts evening too.)