June 14, 2010

Featured on Cartoon Brew!

On Saturday, I woke up to find that "Fester's Nephew" had been featured on the animation news blog Cartoon Brew!!

I want to express my thanks to Jerry Beck for featuring me. It really boosted my viewership, and I got lots of great feedback from readers of Cartoon Brew.

Thanks, Jerry!
(I look forward to reading The 100 Greatest Looney Tunes!)

I'm going to start my next cartoon as soon as I can decide exactly what it should be. I've got a few ideas, but I'm not sure whether to do another Fester Fish short, another Space Goose episode or something different. Any preference, gentle reader?


Bruce Walker said...

That's really cool, Aaron. And some of the comments were eye-opening. Zoran's metaphysical deconstructionist examination and essay was fascinating. Mainly 'cause I watched FN and laughed a lot, whereas quite clearly some people find deep hidden meanings of life in there. (Why am I failing to grasp deep meaning and literary references? I think my aging synapses must be growing a kind of thick bark. Oh well.)

As for which to do next, Fester or Goose? Simple answer: yes to both.

(If Space Goose travelled back to Fester's time, would the universe become grainy and wobbly?)

Chris Signore said...

If it were made possible, I'd happily have both FF and SG - although Space Goose has three shorts already, so mebbe another Fester would be fun to go by here.

Also, congrats agaiN! :D

ADC said...

Personally another Fester Fish would be fun, but Space Goose would be fun as well.

I'd go for Fester first, then do a Space Goose episode.

Ad said...


Zoran Taylor said...

@Bruce Walker - That only seemed deep because I explained every aspect of it, assuming nothing. You can make almost anything sound really complex that way. Rarely does anyone bother to deconstruct something that is universally understood on a basic level, so if you do it and cleverly word it so as to avoid sounding obvious, you can pull off the "I'm smarter than you" trick astonishingly well.

In this case I was confronting the offensively lazy statement that "nothing happened". Even the guy who said that knew it wasn't true. So I designed my reply to contrast that laziness with exhaustive analysis. It always works.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do another Fester Fish short. I loved the first one, and I could really see a series about him! :)