September 10, 2011

Digital Background Painting Class

Yesterday I completed a two-week intensive Digital Background Painting course at school, before classes start full-time for Year 3. It was really fun and I learned a lot of Photoshop tricks. I'm also working on more Fester Fish cartoons, and some other smaller projects, but I don't have much I can show yet except for this work from the Digital BG class...

This drawing might be familiar to Fester Fans.... It's the usual 'Fester's house' establishing shot, only now I've finally created a daytime version. Now I won't have to keep using that awful attempt at a pre-sunrise version, seen in Fester's Nephew and Fester Goes Fishing.

And during the final class, we were told to do a night-time version of one of our paintings, so I did this:

So now I have a daytime version, a night-time version... and if I REALLY need it, that stupid early-morning version. During the course, the teacher gave us a bunch of really cool Photoshop brushes, which seemed like they might be good for imitating that early Hanna-Barbera look...

The drawing itself was done in about 30 seconds, so obviously it sucks, but I'm pretty happy with the colours and textures. I really want to do a cartoon with more of this abstract, flat, "modern" kind of background design.

And finally, finishing the in-class assignments early + messing around with crazy cool Photoshop brushes = "Fester A Go Go."

Blah. I know this stuff isn't that exciting, but I just don't have a lot to post at the moment. I'm busy working on the actual cartoons.


Zoran Taylor said...

WOAH! Damn, if I did that Yogi BG in PS I'd be comfortable SHOWING it to Lozzi or Monteleagre! No foolin'! Uh, except without that Yogi in it. Not to rub it in, I know you acknowledged that, but it's....hilarious. In the wrong way.

Aaron Long said...

I honestly don't think the Yogi is any worse than the rest of the drawing-- look at the shape of the pine trees and the clouds. They look like they were drawn by a five-year-old!

But yeah, you can really get some convincing sponge effects in Photoshop. I had no idea how intuitive it can be, until this class. I'm planning to do some more backgrounds in an early H-B style, only this time I'll actually work at the layout drawing first.

joann h said...

Hey Aaron! Love your Fester Fish And Space Goose! Are you gonna try to pitch them to a television network? Will be for adult's or children? And would it be on a candaian or american channel?

Aaron Long said...

Hi Joann! Glad you like my cartoons! I am actually working on putting some pitches together right now. As for whether it would be aimed at children or adults, I'm not entirely sure-- it depends what the networks are more interested in, because right now I could sort of take it in either direction.

BongoDog said...

Hi Aaron -
Just discovered your blog while doing a search for digital background painting tips... which brought me to this post specifically. But then I went and checked out several of your previous posts and discovered Fester the Fish - which is pure genius! You have amazing talent and are an inspiration - even to an old guy like me who only recently got into animation about 5 years ago.
I love that you do all the voices (mostly) and music, as well as every aspect of the animation. I have attempted this myself on occasion and know how laborious it can be.

What impresses me most about your work are the character expressions and comedic timing... priceless! And that you adhere to such traditional methods is very admirable. You have pretty good taste in movies too (I read some of your reviews)

I gather that you are a student - living in Canada? I'm confident you will have no problem finding an excellent job doing what you love (there seem to be a lot of good animation studios in Canada)

So anyway, just thought I'd drop a line and say "great job" keep up the good work!

-Dusty Haze (Bongo Dog Designs)

Aaron Long said...

Thanks Dusty! I appreciate your taking the time to write such an in-depth message. There's more Fester Fish coming soon.