July 30, 2012

Pink Jacket Lupin 7

Here are episodes 43-48.

I think Episode 43 has some of the best drawings of Fujiko in the series. Even once the character designs solidified around Episode 20, the animators had a hard time sticking to her model, often giving her an absurd amount of mascara or cheesy 80s hair. But she looks pretty cute in this one.

Episode 44 is pretty good. It has a funny story where Lupin is ambushed by dozens of kids who claim that he's their father, and he has no idea how to respond because it could be true for all he knows. It also features a great chase where Zenigata drives a car vertically between two buildings (I didn't get a picture of that though).

Episode 45 has another car chase with some really fun animation of the cars, and the episode as a whole is very well-directed. The story is still full of the usual recurring elements in the series, but it's all handled pretty well in this episode.

 I didn't take many screencaps from Episode 46, but it did have decent animation. Overall it was pretty unmemorable though. Episode 47 has a lot of Tatsuo Ryuno work.

I find it funny how Zenigata's feet are given so much prominence in this shot, for no reason.

I like the design of this henchman. He doesn't have a particularly important part in the story, but they thought he deserved long hair, a hat and sunglasses anyway.
Fujiko's hairstyle changes in this episode, and then she disappears for two episodes (which is also weird, since she usually has at least a scene or two even if it's not particularly related to the plot). Her new, flatter hairstyle will stay when she reappears in the final episode. It's kind of an odd change to make so late in the series.

Only two episodes to go! The last post will be up later today, I've already got the screencaps and notes ready.

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