February 01, 2013

To Live and Die in LA

A few months ago I watched most of this movie and was bored to death. I don't know why I watched it. It's a completely generic 80s cop movie. I started sketching, but wasn't particularly interested in drawing the characters from the movie. I can't remember if these look like them or not. Probably not.


Bruce Walker said...

But do you recall the soundtrack at all? Original music was by Wang Chung, one of my fave 80's synth-pop bands, and was pretty much their swan song, if I recall correctly. Maybe not your cuppa tea, but I regard them as great song crafters.

Friedkin is a sometimes great director (The French Connection) and this should have been a memorable flick, but I agree with you that it's forgettable and kinda generic. Too bad.

I'm still looking forward to seeing Sorcerer by Friedkin. Especially for the s/t by Tangerine Dream, an awesome Krautrock electronica band, big in the 70's.

Bruce Walker said...

Totally forgot to mention: I'm loving your sketches and doodles!! Keep 'em coming.

Aaron Long said...

Yeah the soundtrack was okay. The only Wang Chung song I really know is "Dance Hall Days" because it was used along with dozens of other great songs, in the 80s-set game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

And yeah, Friedkin seems pretty hit or miss. Love the French Connection.

Bruce Walker said...

A Wang Chung great: http://youtu.be/4RrDB0cC8xE
and http://youtu.be/xehOMDCH4oc
and about 3/4 of the material on Points on the Curve.