January 31, 2017

A Quick Update

It's been a while since I wrote anything here but obligatory posts sharing my new cartoons. Time to blow off the dust, at least temporarily.

I've been working at ShadowMachine since I moved to LA in 2013, and I'm currently a director on Bojack Horseman (we're in the middle of making season 4). I'm dating an amazing woman I met shortly after moving here. I've been to Japan twice. I also got to visit Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando, New York and Austin, as well as returning home to Toronto whenever I can. I never used to travel much until I moved away. There are some good things in LA, but I still don't really like living here very much. Every day I resent that the city is designed for cars rather than people. I wish I knew more people outside of the animation industry here, but I don't do anything about that. On the whole I realize that LA isn't so bad, it's just that Toronto is really really good. I always thought liked it while I lived there, but had nothing to compare it to so I couldn't really tell if I'd prefer other places. Now that I've been elsewhere, Toronto wins.

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