December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas


Alex Printz said...

hey aaron, I love your stuff! You've got a really cartoony style to you-- too few of us are like that! What are your plans after you get out of school? -Alex

Aaron Long said...

Thanks Alex! I don't have any set plans after I finish school.

Best-case scenario-- find a way to make a living off of my own shorts like Fester Fish.

Otherwise, I'll probably try getting a job at a studio, and hopefully be able to do my own stuff on the side.

Alex Printz said...

ah, nice stuff. I'd love to see some more fester fish stuff going on, some of the most creative animation I've seen in a while.

Be sure to keep in contact, I have a feeling the animation industry is gonna make a turn for the better in the next 10-20 years thanks to us ;)

Aaron Long said...

Let's hope so. It seems pretty dire at the moment, apart from a handful of shows.