June 01, 2024

Sublo and Tangy Mustard OUTTAKES - Tito's Pants and Nightclub

Here's a compilation of outtakes, deleted scenes and random mumbling from the recording sessions for the most recent Sublo and Tangy Mustard episodes, Tito's Pants and Nightclub.

I also posted an expanded version on Patreon with more in-depth conversations about the characters and stories, for process junkies who want to hear what our recording sessions are like.

March 06, 2024


Some friends kept posting about an old anime called Taruruuto-kun and I kept misreading the title as Tarantino-kun, so I did some mockups of what a 70s gag anime about Quentin Tarantino might look like. Featuring Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson. The backgrounds are just stolen from The Gutsy Frog (which if you haven't seen, is a classic series with really fun animation).


February 17, 2024

Hockey Night in Canada *WANGO WANGO*


I tell ya dis is what hockey's all about. checkin' an grabbin' an knockin' out teeth. Ron's intros an Don's shit-talk. Leafs vs Habs. GETTIN' ROWDY.

My dad loved HNIC and playing NHLPA93 for Sega Genesis. I guess this is kind of a tribute to him.

September 27, 2023

75 Influences in 75 Seconds

A while ago twitter user @midgetsausage did a "75 Influences in 75 Seconds" video and featured Sublo and Tangy Mustard in it, which inspired me to do one too. Obviously this was just a bit of fun rather than anything comprehensive. Here's the video, followed by a list of what's here, requested on instagram.

The Last Picture Show
Daytona USA Karaoke Mode Trailer
Music video for Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club
Mad Max 2
Rock & Rule
Sesame Street (Rock & Roll VHS)
Urusei Yatsura (opening 3 "Pajama Jama Da")
SCTV (Guy Caballero's introduction to "One on the Town" episode)
Orfeu trailer by Nelson Boles
Patlabor 2 the Movie
The Alvin Show ("Alvin's Orchestra" segment)
Freddy Got Fingered
True Stories
Wrong Number Singapore ( short by Colleen Cox)
The Chipmunk Adventure
Smokey & the Bandit
Tokyo Godfathers
The Wizard of Speed & Time
Kemonozume (episode 3)
Out on the Tiles (short by Anna Pearson)
Genie Reenie (short by Andrew Onorato)
On-Gaku: Our Sound
Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (Rolo jingle sketch)
Kenny vs Spenny
Raising Arizona
Crapston Villas (episode 10)
The Cat Came Back (NFB short by Cordell Barker)
H-O oatmeal 1950s commercial
William Wegman's Alphabet Soup
A Town Called Panic
The Hakkenden (Hamaji's Resurrection episode)
Norm Macdonald Live (Super Dave episode)
Ghost in the Shell
Shining Time Station
Rita, Sue and Bob Too
Music video for The Putins - Nanikore
Roger Ramjet
Reverend X/Spirit of Truth
The Raccoons on Ice
Flight of the Conchords
Neo-Tokyo/ Manie Manie
The Warriors
Kids in the Hall
Singin' in the Rain
Staplerfahrer Klaus (German forklift training video)
Шапокляк (Shapoklyak)
Wind in the Willows (Cosgrove Hall series)
music video for Hyperactive by Thomas Dolby
Neighbours (NFB short by Norman Maclaren)
O Lucky Man
Yellow Submarine
Trailer Park Boys
Twice Upon a Time
Joe (2013 movie)
Honey I Shrunk the Kids: the TV Series ("Honey I Got Duped" episode)
Looney Tunes ("Tortoise Wins by a Hare" short)
The Big Snit (NFB short by Richard Condie)
Alix Zona Blanca (short by Allx Flzet)
Don Cherry (Hockey Night in Canada: Coach's Corner segment)
Wayne's World
Midnight Cowboy
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends ("A Close Shave" episode)
Mike Tyson in Japan outtakes
Crayon Shin-Chan (Movie 3)
The Muppet Movie
The Warriors (again, oops lol)
The Office (season 1 episode 3)
Mind Game
Nocchi promo for Perfume's Cosmic Explorer
Golden Boy (episode 4)
Have a Nice Day
Stella (TV series)
Karl Pilkington ("Pilko's Pump Pants" commercial)