May 29, 2012

Pink Jacket Lupin 3

These frames are from episodes 21-24...

I love this design for Fujiko's sugar-daddy of the week. He looks so pathetic and gullible.

 Sorry about the subtitles here, I always try to turn them off when I take screencaps but sometimes I forget.

This gesture Fujiko does is interesting. It's very exaggerated and broad, but still feels delicate and feminine.

This epic scene of chaos (above) is another of my favourite frames from the series.



Pink Jacket Lupin 2

Still plugging away at the series, and making screencaps of my favourite bits of animation. I can't post all of them, that would just be overkill, but here are some of the best ones from Episodes 12-20.

Fujiko does a lot more ass-kicking in this series, probably because the higher budget allows them to actually have characters in constant motion for longer periods of time. This is the second or third extended scene of her beating up a crapload of goons that I've come across so far.

 This short sequence (above) in Episode 20 is drawn in a really funny, completely different style.

Episode 20 is also one of the few that has animation by Masahito Yamashita, the great animator better known for working on Urusei Yatsura during its golden age. He handles a good chunk of the episode, about a full minute. There's more to come later today, I already have the next batch ready but I thought it best to make the posts a little smaller.