February 28, 2013

Lack of Updates = Workin'

Hello gentle reader. You may have noticed my lack of posts recently. That's because I'm busy working. I haven't had time to post anything substantial, which is why I've been using twitter more. If you want to follow me, once again I'm @aalong64. I'm not abandoning the blog or anything, just making excuses for not posting more.

The short I've been animating for Sonic Bunny Productions, "Bakerman and the Bunnymen" is almost done and I'll be sure to post a link to it here when it's online. It's been fun working on it and Scout Raskin, the director, has been fantastic about giving me extra time to do the shots when my school gets to be too busy.

The Fester Fish shirts are done, and as soon as I get the samples back from the print-on-demand company, I'll make them available online. Get those credit cards ready, folks! I'll also have a separate stock of them in person so I can take them to conventions and stuff.

Finally, I'm almost finished animation college. That's obviously what's taking up most of my time, as I put together a portfolio, resume, demo reel, etc. not to mention finishing all the actual classes. The school has been challenging, but overall I'm glad I went there.

February 01, 2013

To Live and Die in LA

A few months ago I watched most of this movie and was bored to death. I don't know why I watched it. It's a completely generic 80s cop movie. I started sketching, but wasn't particularly interested in drawing the characters from the movie. I can't remember if these look like them or not. Probably not.

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