November 15, 2019

No Man's Land

I think my cartoons fall in a tricky no man's land between being
- mainstream accessible/TV-friendly
- silly internet trash
- artsy festival shorts

So when I pitch them, they seem too niche and rough. Online they're too conventional to get much traction, and at festivals they feel vapid and crass next to the beautiful artsy stuff. I think it might be better if I leaned into one of those directions more, but my tastes bounce between all three... Anyway, I just try to make stuff I'd like to watch. It's all you can really do as a creator, at least when you're not getting paid!

As a general update, I've done a bunch of talks and interviews and panels lately that have been fun for my ego but not good for productivity! I'm also just drawing again for fun (for the first time in a long while) and slowly working on stuff. More Sublo and Tangy Mustard is in progress! also maaaaaybe others too.


November 14, 2019

DMX Sings Pingu

Requested by my friend Kevin to use as a phone ringtone.