June 01, 2024

Sublo and Tangy Mustard OUTTAKES - Tito's Pants and Nightclub

Here's a compilation of outtakes, deleted scenes and random mumbling from the recording sessions for the most recent Sublo and Tangy Mustard episodes, Tito's Pants and Nightclub.

I also posted an expanded version on Patreon with more in-depth conversations about the characters and stories, for process junkies who want to hear what our recording sessions are like.

March 06, 2024


Some friends kept posting about an old anime called Taruruuto-kun and I kept misreading the title as Tarantino-kun, so I did some mockups of what a 70s gag anime about Quentin Tarantino might look like. Featuring Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson. The backgrounds are just stolen from The Gutsy Frog (which if you haven't seen, is a classic series with really fun animation).


February 17, 2024

Hockey Night in Canada *WANGO WANGO*


I tell ya dis is what hockey's all about. checkin' an grabbin' an knockin' out teeth. Ron's intros an Don's shit-talk. Leafs vs Habs. GETTIN' ROWDY.

My dad loved HNIC and playing NHLPA93 for Sega Genesis. I guess this is kind of a tribute to him.