September 18, 2007

Veronica's Birthday Party

This short took a little longer-- about four or five days to make, in early April 2006. It was made as a birthday present to my friend Veronica. Anthony and Connor are also real-life friends.


Anthony as Anthony and Connor
The computer as Veronica
Ozzy Osbourne as the Conductor
Me as Everyone Else.

When I made this, Anthony had a crush on a girl, and at the time, I hadn't seen seen her, so I could only imagine what she looked like. Therefore, she's represented here by popular children's character Arthur the aardvark, mostly because my only female action figure, Princess Leia, was already used in the first short. Also I think it's funny that Anthony's character is in love with an anthropomorphic male aardvark. (Eventually, in real life, their relationship didn't really develop much. And even in this story, their romance has a tragic end. 'Twas not meant to be. But he's gotten over her.)


Connor is highly eccentric in real life, and does talk kind of like that. A bit less stilted though.

Connor says 'BRAP' about his car because one time he shouted "I'm a farmer, BRAP!" in our English class. He often tries to use slang like that, with similarly tragic results.

Connor does not actually own a fancy blue car, as far as I know.

"Walk Don't Run" plays when Connor is trying to get onto the train because that was his favourite song when I did this video. I think his current favourite is the Coconut Song or something.

Anthony is Trunks because he likes Dragon Ball Z.

I am Sonic because I used to really like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Connor is Chewbacca because I couldn't find anything more appropriate.

Veronica is the cat because she gave me that cat for Valentine's Day.

May Ng really was her name. I think it's kind of a funny name.

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