December 30, 2009

Lupin the Third 1

Lupin the Third is a really cool series, with a great premise and cast. The most well-known iteration is the second TV show, which ran from 1977-1980. It had a fairly unique art style that was different from most anime, although I'm not sure any animated iteration of it ever really captures the insanity of the comics. Monkey Punch's original art is fantastic. It's got more energy than any other comics I've ever seen. I'll probably post more about it in the future. Here are some images from it.

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ADC said...

Oh boy, now I have to take a look at this show.

I haven't really taken a look at this show, outside of seeing fan art on deviantart. That, and I used to watch the cartoon Nighthood (Lupin the first in this case, and it wasn't anime)

Seriously though, from the analysis you've given this is a pretty neat show. It just gets me more interested in it, plus its a great breath of fresh air from the anime industry. Plus I should try and look into the comic as well, it would probably save me a lot of time (damn anime stills!).