December 07, 2012

More Fester Fan Art And Updates

Been too busy to post anything, and haven't really had much to post lately anyway. Just wanted to let people know I'm working on a Fester Fish Christmas video! I'm not sure how long it will be yet but probably way shorter than the usual length. If I don't get it done in time for Christmas, I'm not sure what I'll do with it. It's going to use more limited animation than usual, because I'm looking at it as just a little bonus video rather than the next real short, and I'm doing it in a rush... That said, it should still be fun, so look forward to that sometime before Christmas.

Speaking of Fester, here's some new fan art!

 By my friend Kyle Mowat, creator of the fantastic short "Ballpit". If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.

"UPA Fester" by Dominic Noble

Still working on those long-promised Fester T-shirts. The smart thing would've been to have them ready in time for Christmas, but... Fester isn't smart.

Finally, I recorded another guest appearance on Dynamite in the Brain last weekend, so it should be online in a couple of days. The episode's subject is the 2002 Lupin III special "Episode Zero - First Contact."

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