September 11, 2017

Crayon Shin-Chan - Adventure in Henderland (2 of 2)

More images from Henderland. The first three are from an expository sequence in a fun child-like drawing style.


I love that they're so willing to go dark in these night-time scenes. Western animation rarely does night as well as anime.

These gritty 'realism' moments are at this point probably a staple of the Shin-Chan series. They show up in many of the movies and even occasionally on the TV show.

And now we come to the Masaaki Yuasa-animated climax. I want to steal the funky way this gassy spirit is animated in an upcoming project.
Yuasa loves his CG diagrams and maps.
Obviously images can't really capture the energy of this sequence. I'm sure it's all up on Sakugabooru somewhere or in a Masaaki Yuasa animation compilation on Youtube. I recommend finding it.
This is just the final logo from the credits, but I thought it was pretty cool-looking.

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