August 23, 2012

Fester Makes Friends

Aaaaand here's the third Fester Fish cartoon, finally! Did I say it was coming out on the 22nd? I meant the 23rd. I just kept making typos, you see.

From rough idea to finished short, this took me about a year. The story of Fester going around town trying to do good deeds and make new friends came out of a desire to expand the character's world and introduce some supporting characters, since people kept telling me to pitch Fester to a network but all I really had was him and his girlfriend. I don't know that any of the new characters in this short are interesting enough to bring back, but anyway, that's what initially led me to develop this story. There is some familiar ground being covered here, with another Tex Avery 'homage', but Fester being on the opposite end of it makes it different enough from "Fester's Nephew," at least in my mind.

A couple of people have asked me if the household objects are really supposed to be alive, or if it's just in Fester's mind. YOU be the judge!


Bruce Walker said...

Terrific work, Aaron! Very polished. Just loved the chase sequence with the elevator ride, the curvy hallway and the entirely unnecessary astonished-popping-eyeballs bit. :-) Caught the Space Goose ref, but now I'm wondering if I missed other in-jokes, so I'll have to view a few more times.

*** Warning: spoilers ***

I think you should bring back kitteh as an angry ghost as punishment for Fester. That was very mean of him. I liked kitteh. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good job Aaron! I din'y stay up all night again, but this is very good!

Anonymous said...

You should put this on Kaboing TV like you did with Fester Goes Fishing!

Izak van Langevelde said...

An old teacher of mine used to say that the best things are made by a single person who knows what he is doing. It is exactly this what I like about Fester, and what I do not like about many films that are obviously done by a huge committee...

ADC said...

Hey Aaron.

Did you ever at one point play Conkers Bad Fur Day on the N64?

Just curios to know.


Willy Ashworth said...

Well done!
Each Fester film feels more Festerly than the last and I am sure it is just a matter of time before he gets his own theme park.
You have upped your game production wise on all counts, especially animation wise.
Solid stuff gate.
Loved your voice work on Fester, in fact they were all great. I especially loved the voice of the harried business man...something about that reading really touched me.
Cannot wait until future Fester Fish films friend!

Aaron Long said...

There are some background gags sprinkled throughout the cartoon, I like to do that to keep it interesting for myself.

I'll let Joe Murray know I did another one, the rest is up to him.

That's a wonderful compliment, thank you so much!

Nope, never played it but I've heard a lot of good thins about it.

Yes, the subtle emotional shifts in the businessman's acting were heart-wrenching. An intense, brooding performance for the ages. I smell an Oscar for whoever that-- hey, wait a minute!