August 01, 2012

They All Look the Same!

I went over to the comic shop yesterday, hoping to find some art that would inspire me with character designs I'm working on. I didn't bother looking at superhero books because I wanted something more cartoony, so I focused on indie comics and manga. Every time I saw an interesting character on a cover, I'd flip through the book and think "hey wait a minute, EVERY character looks like that first one."

I'm not going to name any comics in particular, but I had forgotten just how many comics have a single original character design which they then repeat over and over. The exact same heads, features and bodies, just with different hair and clothes. Often that particular design will be kind of interesting and unlike any other comics, but the problem is I want to see a whole bunch of different designs in one place. So I ended up getting one of those "Meathaus" group sketchbooks.

I also picked up "Angura - Posters of the Japanese Avant-Garde" which has a lot of neat design ideas.


ADC said...

Yeah, its kind of a bummer really. You end up hoping that the personalities will make them stand out more despite repeat in design. Most of them are just stock stereo-types though.

Also, I got a chance to see Mind Game. Absolutely blew me away visually. I had to pause a few times to mull over what I had just seen. Astounding film.


Aaron Long said...

Hey Aaron, I'm glad to hear you saw and liked Mind Game. It took me a while to get my head around it too but it's definitely an amazing experience.