August 27, 2012

Better version on Vimeo

Here's a higher quality version of Fester Makes Friends on Vimeo. It also fixes some minor technical issues that are in the earlier Youtube version such as certain scenes being one or two frames out of sync, and a couple of camera shakes where the edge of the background is visible. I noticed them before I uploaded the initial video but didn't have time to fix them. You might find it a little funnier now that the audio is more precisely synced up, for tighter comic timing.

I've been working on Bakerman, watching Samurai Champloo and Shin-Chan (I've really started to like that Funimation dub of it, as different as it is). Oh, and re-watching the first two seasons of Trailer Park Boys. I think that show went downhill later on, but the early years are still wonderful.

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Aaron Long said...

Yeah, that's probably because it's a lot bigger. High-quality files on Vimeo used to be terrible on my old computer too.