August 19, 2012

Catsuka page on Masaaki Yuasa

Taking a break from the Fester Fish countdown to post something I found really cool, and infinitely inspiring.

I'm sure most animation fans are already aware of Catsuka, but until recently all I looked at on the site were the model sheet pages. Recently I stumbled across the "Focus On" pages, which are fantastic galleries and collections of videos related to specific animators. And there's one for Masaaki Yuasa! The site's mostly in french, but it's still pretty easy to navigate through. There are MADs of his animation, and a whole whack of concept art that I'd never seen before. There are even some awkward early drawings he did as a teenager. I found the page really inspiring and thought I should share it.

I also recommend the Hiroyuki Imaishi page and the Tatsuyuki Tanaka page. The Tanaka MAD is gold. I wish Tanaka would return to that looser, more high-energy style he used in stuff like Green Legend Ran and Download, before he entered that more subdued but equally impressive Toujin Kit/ Canabis Works era. Don't get me wrong, I love all of his work, but as any reader of this blog will know, I'm a big fan of wild, cartoony animation.


Ma-ding Tosh said...

really like your blog. and good to hear there's someone at max the mutt who loves anime and animation as much as i do. Yuasa, Imaishi, Tanaka are all idols of mine (and theres more japanese animation names that i love). i pretty much look at sakuga videos every a geek for this stuff. still gotta check out 'green legend ran'.'download' is an awesome piece.
looking forward to your new fester fish short.

Ma-ding Tosh said...

well..i didn't really 'hear'..

Ma-ding Tosh said...

...and that 1st comment was way too assumptious. damn.

Aaron Long said...

I'm glad to hear from you, Martin! I checked out your blog and loved your work. So you go to Max the Mutt too, huh? Hopefully I'll meet you when we start up again in the fall. I'm likewise excited that somebody else at the school knows about these guys.

As for Green Legend Ran, I think it's on Youtube. The first episode (out of the three) is basically all you need to see, the other two don't have much interesting animation in them and they aren't as well-directed or written either, at least in my opinion.